Specialized recruitment process for highly qualified and key roles

We will help you find and attract the most suitable employees for leadership positions in your company

The effectiveness of our methodology:

96% retention rate for over a year

Over 90% successfully closed positions

7 out of 10 hires are promoted within the first year

We find the right candidate for every position and company

Executive Search is a specialized process of recruiting highly qualified and managerial personnel for various organizations. We distinguish ourselves with a complex approach that includes researching and understanding the client's needs and defining the profile of the ideal candidate. We approach the individual needs of the client with extreme attention and apply high standards in the evaluation of candidates. This is how we select the most suitable professionals who meet the requirements and culture of the organization.

Find the perfect candidate

The steps of the Executive Search process

Our innovative proccess

Defining the needs

We get to know your company, its internal culture and the specific requirements of the needed candidate. We take all this into account and use our years of experience to build a specific profile of the leader you are looking for.

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Creating a recruitment strategy

We carefully plan the strategy and the way we conduct market research to identify potential employers for candidates with the right profile. We define and plan deadlines for each stage of the overall process.

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Research and recruitment of potential candidates

In this stage, we use a variety of sources and methods, including our large network of professional contacts and databases, to find and attract the best potential candidates who are not currently active in the labor market.

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Pre-selection and interviews

We pre-assess all applicants. We conduct interviews, psychometric tests, assess candidates' competencies, experience, potential, as well as their motivation and compatibility with the role and the organization. Based on this, we offer a short list of candidates.

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Interviews with the company

At the end of the process, we send you our shortlist of potential candidates, as well as a full package of documents for each of them, so that you can make the most informed decision. This includes the candidate's CV, feedback from the consultant, recommendation letters, a personal report, as well as a comparison between the candidate's profile and the profile you are looking for.

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Our team of experts

You can expect:

Executive search by our most experienced Management Consultants
Absolute outreach & engagement through a proactive and professional approach
Objective alignment of all stakeholders

Your success is guaranteed by:

Decade-long history of contented clients and partners
Assessment model going beyond the standard methods that is served in 30+ countries
Detailed McQuaigJob Fit Word Survey - personality report plus comparison between candidate’s profile and the client job profile
Evelin Barboutova
For more than 6 years, Evelin has been a professional consultant in the field of Executive Search. Her experience is focused on finding highly qualified and key personnel in various industries. During her career, Evelin built a broad portfolio of successful projects in the Pharma, Oil & Gas, FMCG and Energy sectors.
Natasha Trajkovska
Natasha has been actively engaged in recruitment for 8 years, and throughout this period she has been an integral part of our Executive Search department. Her recruitment expertise is complemented by her exceptional skills in promoting and selling our services to organizations and fostering lasting partnerships with them.
Nora Naydenova
Nora is a professional consultant in recruitment of managerial personnel with considerable experience in the field of human resources. She is specialized in attracting and recruiting executive talent in various fields such as HR, Marketing, Finance and Operations and others.
Ekaterina Kokushkina
She graduated with a master's degree in Labor Markets and Human Resources Development at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski" and has been working in the field of talent recruitment for 5 years. Ekaterina shares that until now all her experience has been concentrated in agencies focused on Headhunting and Executive Search.

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