We know how much time and energy it takes to pay the salaries, communicate with the tax administration, prepare tax documents, and file reports. Let us take care of the complete payroll processing while you focus on growing your business!

What our payroll service covers

Management of all activities

We take care of every activity related to the payroll processing of your employees from the initial work reports to the final wage settlement.

Official communication

We do all of the communication with the tax administration for the submission of all mandatory reports, summaries and declarations – labour cost reports (by cost centre and/or accounting period, by department, comparative analysis, net-to-gross analysis).

Preparation of administrative documents

We prepare and maintain all administrative documents required by the Bulgarian law related to the appointment of employees and the amendment and termination of employment relationships.

Consultations and assistance

We offer consultations on all employment and administrative matters related to the employees of the organisation. We provide full assistance in the communication and relationship building with representatives of government departments and agencies.

Focus entirely on your business and let HRS take care of your payroll processing!

За кого е предназначено?

Професионално решение за отдаване и администриране на персонал за малки и средни предприятия, както и за големи компании.

Служители на пълно или непълно работно време
Работници на временен и постоянен договор
Служители с гъвкаво работно време
Персонал за специални проекти

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