Research & Consultancy

Looking for a team of experts to consult on your overall HR strategy or large-scale recruitment projects? At HRS, we offer such a service, suitable for both established employers in the local market and those who consider starting a business in Bulgaria.

How our experts will help your company

What we offer 

Our research and consulting team helps with both simple questions, such as what your compensation package should include, as well as more complex topics, such as talent recruitment and retention, employer positioning, and the feasibility of certain models or approaches. We research and analyse the market to support your high-level strategic decisions. Our advice is backed by detailed data, expert observations and case studies.

What's the best part? We'll do most of that for free as our main goal at R&C is to support the local ecosystem. We are dedicated to Bulgaria and strive to support the growth of domestic companies while being a driver of change.


  • Labor market overview;
  • Location cost (in terms of labor);
  • Fee-based consulting (including paid individual surveys);
  • Feasibility of the recruitment project;
  • Recruitment strategy and approach;
  • Salary consultancy;
  • Individual reports and consultations.


  • Advice backed by experienced professionals in every field;
  • Extensive and continuously updated knowledge base;
  • Research and consulting department with the most experience in consulting projects;
  • Case studies of supporting some of the most significant market entries;
  • Close cooperation with consulting organizations, business associations, state and municipal and international partners.

За кого е предназначено?

Професионално решение за отдаване и администриране на персонал за малки и средни предприятия, както и за големи компании.

Служители на пълно или непълно работно време
Работници на временен и постоянен договор
Служители с гъвкаво работно време
Персонал за специални проекти

Don't waste any more time searching for the right people for your business. Trust our professional experience and take advantage of our database to hire your next employee.