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Do you adequately compensate your employees according to the labor market? We will answer this crucial question for you and thus help you attract and retain the best talents.

The right remuneration will help you to:

Attract top
Keep your employees motivated
Reduce your employee turnover
Successfully plan your expenses

Win the battle for the best talents with Salary Survey

At HRS, we participate in the recruitment process for hundreds of positions across various industries every month. Our database allows us to compile an up-to-date compensation report suitable for each position in all sectors. With the Salary Survey' service, you will gain access to this crucial information, providing you with an objective assessment of what salary, social benefits, and bonuses will make you a competitive employer in the labor market.

Отворени позиции за работа

Report preparation

The service includes a basic report specifically prepared for a profile chosen by you – position, experience, company's sector of activity, and others. We use up-to-date information from the HRS database collected in the last 6 months. This will allow you to gain an understanding of the current state of the job market and stay up-to-date with it.

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Консултация при търсене на работа

Individual Salary Survey

We offer a salary survey with presentation of data for specific individuals, positions, and market segments. This way, in addition to synthesized information and averaged results, you can see a detailed breakdown for each candidate included in the study.

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Съдействие за успешно назначение

What Does the Report Include

The Salary Survey report provides information about specific job positions based on the specified criteria and scope. It includes:

  • Salary expectations from candidates
  • Recommendations for social benefits
  • Relevant market assessment

*The data shared by surveyed candidates is treated in accordance with all considerations for confidentiality, privacy, ethics, and GDPR.

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