Employer branding

Your company is seen not only by potential buyers, but by potential employees as well. To be an attractive employer, you need to pay close attention to developing your employer brand. It will help you attract the right people and to also retain your current employees. Let us work with our team of recruiters to develop an appropriate strategy for you, combining our marketing and HR expertise.

Why is employer branding important

At a time of great staff shortages, finding talent is becoming increasingly difficult. One of the most important tools used nowadays is the sustainable development of a company's employer brand. It actively helps to attract more suitable candidates, increase the number of applications, long-term retention of current and new employees. At the same time, it can also help to reduce the cost of hiring a new employee, ensuring that candidates are introduced to your company's most important benefits when conducting a recruitment campaign.

The service we offer includes a comprehensive approach based many years of experience in recruitment.

  • Developing a long-term strategy to drive the development of the employer brand;
  • Defining your value proposition as an employer;
  • Creating talent acquisition campaigns;
  • Implementing graphic and communication design for social media;
  • Preparing for social media copywriting – blogs, ads and organic posts;
  • Identifying target audiences and placing paid ads;
  • Monitoring ads on a daily basis and allocating marketing budget for better results;
  • Campaign results reporting.

Let’s move into action

The main areas in which an employer branding campaign can be developed include:

  • Online communication – social and media advertising campaigns targeting the ideal candidates for your business.
  • Offline activities – branding on scooters and buses, subway posters, billboards, and physical events.

Want to be a more attractive employer and bring the right people to your business? Let's roll up our sleeves!

За кого е предназначено?

Професионално решение за отдаване и администриране на персонал за малки и средни предприятия, както и за големи компании.

Служители на пълно или непълно работно време
Работници на временен и постоянен договор
Служители с гъвкаво работно време
Персонал за специални проекти

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