The process of acquiring specialists can be long and inefficient. Outsource it to HRS and you'll gain access to many more qualified candidates, saving time and money without involving your HR team.

What do you get by transferring your recruitment process to us?

We will improve your recruitment efficiency using our candidate database and specialised methodologies to accurately assess talent. RPO is a flexible and tailored solution that suits your requirements, whether you just need administrative support or want to leave everything to us apart from the decision to hire.


  • Consulting and creating a recruitment strategy;
  • Working side by side with our consultants;
  • Sourcing, screening and selecting candidates;
  • Scheduling interviews;
  • Conducting interviews, tests and assessments;
  • Preparing offers and conducting negotiations;
  • Collecting and filling documents.


  • Dedicated experts in their field;
  • Use of best practices and process optimization;
  • 50% faster and higher quality hiring process
  • Improved process for the candidates;
  • All data remains the property of the client.

За кого е предназначено?

Професионално решение за отдаване и администриране на персонал за малки и средни предприятия, както и за големи компании.

Служители на пълно или непълно работно време
Работници на временен и постоянен договор
Служители с гъвкаво работно време
Персонал за специални проекти

Don't waste any more time searching for the right people for your business. Trust our professional experience and take advantage of our database to hire your next employee.