Permanent placement

Looking for experts to become part of your company? At HRS we know how important the right person is to a business. That's why we have teams dedicated to specific sectors they are experts in, so they can assess and select the right candidate given the specifics of your industry and business. Let's work together to find your future full-time employees!

What you’ll get from our mutual work

Adaptation to your business

We will make the effort to get to know your business, company culture, company values, and the needs you have of your employees. We will then use all this information to match you with compatible candidates.

Candidate selection and interviews

We will use our existing database as well as our local and international network to find the best candidates available. Before we show you an applicant, we will assess their skills and motivation, and analyse their character traits through an interview with one of our specialists.


In case you hire a candidate proposed by us, but they do not meet your expectations and you have to let them go within the trial period, we will take responsibility and will help you fill the vacancy with another employee.

Ready to hire the most suitable candidates for your vacancies? We’ll find them!

Don't waste any more time searching for the right people for your business. Trust our professional experience and take advantage of our database to hire your next employee.