Do's & Don'ts

How to create a professional CV template?

Your resume may be your only chance to convince an employer that you are suitable for the position you are applying for. So, in order to do that, you need to pay attention to every aspect of the resume - on the layout, format and structure.

Guiding principle in the creation of a CV: The easier the document is to read, the better!
Summary: up to date content + excellent document format = outstanding resume!

A quick tip: To create a memorable CV, use websites where you can edit ready-made templates. Here are our suggestions:
Free CV creator tools

Novoresume - It’s an intuitive, web-based tool which has free and paid plans. Developed with the help of HRs to meet the needs of job applicants. It has a variety of templates, from which every user can choose freely. - Online platform which helps the creation of a simple and well-structured document within one page. No registration is required to use the website.

Canva - This platform acquires a lot of ready to use and easy to adapt based on your design preferences CV templates.

SmartCV - A website where video resumes can be created. This non-typical method is suitable for companies without requirements for the form of the CV. - This website is quite easy to use as you don’t even need to create an account. Another benefit is that you can create a one-page resume.

Piktochart - The platform is suitable for more creative job roles, where the candidate is expected to have a freer form of the document. But in the free version, you can download only a photo. 

Paid CV creator tools

Enhancv - This tool is suitable for all types of jobs. The template can be adapted to the job industry and the position you are applying for. - The platform is user-friendly and it asks you questions to help you fill in the necessary data. However, bear in mind that it is a paid feature. 

Hloom - A great tool that offers you the right skills for the position you are applying for.

There are plenty of other CV creators on the Internet. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that best suits your needs and take time on creating your resume. We believe that you will do great and find your dream job!