What is Employer Branding?

Simona Denkova

Employer branding is the connection between marketing and recruitment.

Companies are increasingly beginning to understand the close link between recruitment and marketing. Recruitment actually is entirely dependent on marketing. While marketing is about attracting customers to a particular brand, recruitment is about attracting the right people to your business.

Successful recruitment is no longer just about matching candidates and job positions, but it also requires presenting yourself to the right people, appealing to them and keeping them, and this requires developing and adequately implementing a long-term marketing strategy.

It is extremely important for employers today to add more value to their offers to candidates and stand out from their competitors. Several strategies can achieve that, such as building a strong employer brand.

Employer branding is no longer a foreign term, as it has a very wide application - it creates a "set" of benefits and a culture that people would like to be part of, and this is very similar to what marketers do to attract customers. Recruiters use the same tactics - promoting testimonials and feedback from candidates and clients.

Certain aspects of the selection process have changed recently. For example, the best potential candidates may not be looking for a job at the moment. This challenges recruiters to think in the direction of a proactive strategy to expand their talent base, engaging passive candidates as well.

The consumer path of the candidates is just as important as that of the business clients, so recruitment specialists are obliged to get to know their candidates personally and to build good relationships with them. Both clients and applicants would be more willing to work with a company they trust.

Both marketing and recruitment require an investment of resources, so it is important to measure the return on investment (ROI).

The growth of recruitment analysis makes the process of taking strategic decisions much easier. By measuring the time it takes to close a certain job role and the number of quality applications they receive, employers and recruiters can better justify an investment from a recruitment-oriented advertising campaign.

After all, people are at the heart of both marketing and recruitment. Giving them added value and understanding their needs will allow your business to attract both customers and talents.

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