3 reasons to look for a recruitment specialist

Ani Kyneva

Finding the job you want the most is difficult. Whether you want to re-enter the work environment, leave your current one, or simply want to start something new, the excitement of a new career opportunity is also a common reason for making small, but significant mistakes in the process of searching for a new job.

Are you ready to go through all kinds of ads, to find potential openings, spend time perfecting your resume, write various cover letters, and finally sit and wait for your phone to ring? You can save all this time by simply looking for a job through a recruitment agency like us. That is why, now you will have the opportunity to read why it is actually much better to find what you want through a recruiter.

*Keep in mind that the job of the recruitment specialist is not just to find you a job, but to be of maximum help to you in the application process. The companies that HRS Bulgaria works with are looking for employees to fill their open positions, which means that they make the final decision as to whether you are suitable for the position or not.

Reason #1.

As mentioned above, HRS works with a variety of companies, which means that our recruiters are familiar with details that candidates would find difficult to find on their own. Example: what is important for the employer company to have as skills, the specific candidate or what experience they are looking for in him. If you wonder how a working day passes in the place you have chosen or what their work style is, then our recruitment specialists will be able to answer all the questions that interest you. This is important because it will help you decide whether you will be able to develop professionally and personally in the company you have chosen.

Reason #2.

Most of the candidates who work with our recruiters and are looking for a job, already work full-time in their current job, but at the same time they are looking for an opportunity where they can find better conditions to develop their career. Naturally, it is much more difficult to find time or resources to complete the job search on your own. Fortunately, this is where the recruitment agency comes in full force to make this process many times easier and convenient for you.
* And don't forget that all the services we offer are paid only for the employers we work with. Our candidates receive career counselling and resume enhancement, completely free of charge.

Reason #3.

The main mission of our recruitment specialists is to prepare and advise each candidate on the current state of the labour market, on expected future salary, relative to the experience and skills they possess and to give advice on improving the CV/portfolio. There is also one very important detail that we do not neglect in any way - the expected pay. Already in our initial conversation, we orient ourselves in your financial wishes and we only meet you with employers who can offer you similar views and opportunities. However, if you receive an offer that you are not completely satisfied with, the HRS consultant will inform you of the current state of the market and could help to possibly renegotiate the terms. However, not always, our desire is relevant to what the employer is willing to offer. Although, the biggest plus will be that you will have professional support through a stressful, but full of opportunities, new career path.

After all, it doesn't matter what type of job you're looking for, our recruiters don't just help with one type of position. We are ready to offer you diverse and interesting career paths. All that remains is to muster the courage to dive into the world of HRS and rediscover new heights in building your career. And you can do this by looking in the new "find a job" section of our website.