6 myths about recruitment agencies

Kamelia Dimitrova

 You think you know everything about recruitment agencies? You probably believe a myth or two! Therefore, today we are going to reveal 6 legends to bring a little more clarity to our activities. ‍

 1. Recruitment agencies take a % of your salary 

One of the most common myths about agencies is that they take a percentage of your salary, which may explain why most candidates prefer to look for a new job themselves. Fortunately, this is not true! Agencies receive income through fees that are charged to the client-employer, not the candidate, so you can be sure that your salary will not be withheld. ‍ 

2. Agencies offer only low paid/low skilled work 

‍Another repulsive myth is that agencies only offer low-skilled jobs. We're not quite sure where this perception was formed, but we can confirm that it's not true! Most agencies offer a variety of jobs that vary depending on the applicant's skill level and salary. From entry-level roles to senior management positions, there's something for everyone in the hierarchy. When you're in the role of job seeker, I recommend looking for agencies that have jobs at the level you're looking for. Explain the salary you're looking for and the responsibilities that match your role, and then the consultants will do the rest. 

‍ 3. Consultants don't understand the industry 

You may have the misconception that agencies don't know all industries. As a result, you feel that they won't be able to find the right role for you. Most recruiters are specialists and only work in one industry, often the consultants themselves have worked in it and I know it inside out. They also attend various industry events and meetings. Agencies also offer specialised teams that focus only on recruiting for specific industries. So research the agencies online and choose the one that matches your skills and the sector you're applying for. ‍ 

4. You can use the services of only one agency 

Error! You can join as many agencies as you want. My advice is not to work with everyone in the market, but to be selective. Your HR at the agency will be the one representing you to your future employer, so it's important to be represented by someone you can trust and who will present you in the best light. ‍

 5. Agencies can't help me 

Think a recruitment agency can't really help you? Think again! Agencies don't just help you find a job, they also optimise your work ability. For example, HRS Bulgaria offers free improvement of your CV, interview preparation and career advice! So even if you think that the agency cannot find you the job of your dreams, register with the one that provides additional services. This will save you money and benefit you in the long run! ‍

 6. Recruiters are only interested in the money

A good Recruiter will take care of you. The sign that they don't care? They will not listen to your needs. When choosing a recruitment agency to work with, choose one that has similar interests to yours and is willing to invest their time for you. Remember that a good consultant = a better job search.

At HRS Bulgaria, we will not only offer you a position you have been in until now. We listen to your requirements, support them throughout the job search process and continue to support the topic after you start your dream job. Our team is friendly and energetic to help you, so send your CV and leave the rest to us. We offer all HR services under one roof.