Employee satisfaction and it’s connection with the employer brand

Teodora Kovacheva

Over the past two decades, various analysts have examined the relationship between employee satisfaction and the company's performance.

Today, it’s no secret that satisfied employees are the key to satisfied customers, but that's not all. Very often, employees who are happy at work become effective advertising for the company, similar to organic advertising by satisfied customers.

This can happen on various occasions when talking to business partners or friends, when they like and share the company's post on social media or write a good review on common job portals. Although the benefits of this may not always be immediately apparent, such actions can help the company and its brand on several levels: on one hand - a good image on the Internet and social media, and on the other - increase the chances of a candidate to choose your company.

How to achieve this?

Undoubtedly, the most popular and effective way to ensure the satisfaction of your employees and the candidates to choose you to desire to build a strong employer brand.

It can be the difference between attracting the key personnel you need and losing them to your competitors, and the financial benefits of investing in it are numerous.

A strong employer brand creates a great work environment and makes your company more attractive to potential candidates. This in turn means that your employees will be more willing to recommend your organization to other professionals and so you could have a pre-set talent base from which to draw.

A bonus is creating a strong relationship with current and future employees. This always leads to a more serious engagement with the company, which drastically reduces the number of employees leaving.

* According to LinkedIn, companies that invest in their employer brand reduce the rate of leaving employees by 28%

Also, many studies confirm that satisfied employees tend to work much longer without expecting a pay increase.

Last but not least, satisfied employees work harder, which inevitably leads to better results and the company wins.

Why is HRS Bulgaria the right choice for building your employer brand?

HRS Bulgaria is a multi-award selection agency that combines the professionalism of recruitment consultants with the experience of marketing specialists. Thus, combining the efforts of the two teams, the "Employer branding" service was created.

To obtain optimal results from our campaigns, in the last two months, a survey was conducted in the form of short surveys among our contacts in the professional network LinkedIn on the topic: "Employee satisfaction".

The results are intriguing.

“If I do a great job I will be rewarded”

58% of voters are convinced that if they do their job well, they will be rewarded. This is positive because it means that these employees feel valued in the workplace, and this factor is often key to keeping employees in a company.

What percentage of your employees are feeling valued?

“I’m proud to work for my current company”

The trend among respondents about whether they are proud to work for the company they are currently in is even more positive. 92% of respondents confirm that they are proud of their current employer. Of course, this may be due to the overall policy of a company or a specific event, but we are seeing levels that are worth maintaining and improving.

Are your employees proud to work for you?

“I’m interested in my job”

89% confirm that they are doing something that excites them. This is a positive result, but it is not one of the main factors that will ensure that your employees stay with you. Of course, it is very important for people to love their work, but they often need much more to choose a company. In this situation, the key is the employer brand.

Do your employees love their job?

“I feel stress in my job”

Stress is one of the big problems of our time. Often, prolonged workload affects employees so negatively that they leave the company they work in. According to our survey, 62% of respondents feel stressed at work. These results are also relevant to the efficiency of workers because it has been proven that people work better when they are calm and happy, and therefore the company's results improve.

Are your employees stressed?

“The conditions I work in are good”

66% of respondents confirmed that they work in good conditions. Although a positive result, it is a relatively low percentage for something as crucial as working conditions.

What percentage of your employees are satisfied with the working conditions?

“I get what I need to do my job well”

Here again, we see a high percentage of workers who agree with the statement. As many as 84% ​​of respondents confirm that they get what they need to do their job well. This does not only include payment or technical aids. To show good results, people need peace of mind, a friendly work environment, comfort, and a sense of being valued.

How would your employees vote in this poll?

Lastly, but not least, we asked, "Do you agree that the management of the company you work for makes wise decisions about branding?"

The results are more than positive. As many as 92% of employees believe that management successfully brands their company. This is probably because in recent years more and more companies are paying great attention to their employer brand and are actively working towards its development.


For a long time, the salary is not the only factor that weighs when choosing a new employer. A good employer brand is what will put you ahead of your competitors. Therefore, if you are a company that has difficulty finding, attracting, and retaining newly qualified staff for a long time, then you can contact us to learn more about "Employer branding".

We look forward to your questions and inquiries at marketing@hrs-bg.com