5 professions that will develop more and more in the next 10 years

Ani Kuneva

 Regardless of whether you are now graduating from secondary education or want to retrain, you are most likely looking for an up-to-date profession that will guarantee you sustainable professional development. We know this is a challenging task and we are here to help! 

Together with our selection experts, we selected 5 career paths that will not be swallowed by artificial intelligence in the next decade. In the following lines, you will be able to read more about them and to decide which would be suitable for you. 

It is good for each of the listed professions to have a proper education in the field, despite the numerous courses that are available on the market. That is why we have also included sample bachelor's programs that you can study to become a specialist in the given field. 

Digital Marketing (Marketer) 

With each passing year, this profession is becoming more and more popular. A large part of the trade of goods and services has moved to the digital world, and accordingly the work in this field is increasing. Even if it sometimes sounds hard to believe, the fact is that very often businesses become successful precisely through their advertisements on social networks, including Tik Tok. Being a marketer may sound easy, but for this profession, you need to have emotional intelligence, high language literacy, attention to detail and knowledge of psychology. It is important to be able to "step into the other person's shoes" and look through the lens of the end user. 

Of course, many of the skills come with practice, but in order to lay a suitable foundation to build on, you can study specialties such as "Marketing and Communications", "Advertising and PR" or else enroll in something more comprehensive and upgrade with courses and specialised master's degree. 


Developing a career in the field of engineering is certainly not an easy task, but it is definitely one of the lucrative industries. The positions are varied, with the possibility of working in different areas, which makes the choice easier for you. From construction, through electricity and renewable sources, to high-tech industries, there is an urgent need for motivated and educated specialists everywhere. 

It's no secret that in order to do this profession, you need very good skills, training and education. There are many specialties in the various fields, but among the popular ones we find "Industrial Engineering", "Structural Engineering", "Mechanical Engineering" and others. 

Cyber specialist 

The Internet has become the easiest access for any information, now with just a few clicks, we can find out almost everything that interests us. Along with this comfort, in the digital space there are also many threats to our personal data as consumers, but also to the sensitive information of businesses. 

In recent years, hacker attacks have become more and more common and this has shown what a need and at the same time shortage of personnel there is in this sector. It is for this reason, and because of the great responsibility that a cyber security specialist carries, that the salaries in the sector are high. In order to develop in your field, we offer specialties such as "Computer Science", "Information Technologies", "Cyber Security" and similar. 

IT specialist 

We live in a world where it can hardly be operated without technology. This profession is one of the most serious nowadays, since the development of almost every business depends on it, in terms of the programs and software it uses, data processing or process optimization and correspondingly cut costs. Since most of the companies have implemented the hybrid way of working, this specialty has become even more significant and naturally very well paid. Since technology and information systems are developing rapidly, it is important to keep learning and renewing yourself with new trends and practices. in industry. But in order to reach a high position, with good income, you must have the patience to gather the knowledge you need and not stop self-improvement. 

Some of the software and technology manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and others, offer certification programs that can help you improve your skills in the industry. The specialties you can study are "Computer Science", "Information Systems", "Web Technologies", "Networks and Security" and others. 

Human resources - HR 

Last, but not least, we come to a profession that no large company can do without. Like many others, HR also went through various transformations and today are the strategic partners of businesses that do much more than hiring employees and organising team building.

Their tasks also include optimising internal processes, maintaining a pleasant working atmosphere, organising trainings, supporting the adaptation of new employees, taking care of retaining talent in the teams and much more. A tendency among people is to expect more and more from the workplace, not only financially, but also emotionally, which opens many positions for HRs in different companies and fields. 

Some of the majors you can enroll in are: "Human Resources", "Management of Human Resources and Projects", "Communications" and others.

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