How to write a winning CV?

Nora Naydenova

On October 7, 2020, we held the webinar "CV that wins employers". In it, Nora Naidenova - Process Improvement Manager at HRS Bulgaria, shared useful tips and real examples on how to create an impressive resume. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to some of the tips that Nora shared during the webinar.First of all, it is important to know the outdated resume formats in order to avoid them - like those of and Europass. They have not been improved and modernized for years and can’t present your key skills in the best way.

And what is good to keep in mind when choosing a suitable CV format?

  • Cultural specifics - You need to be aware of the rules in the country, where you are applying. For example, in the USA and Great Britain, it is accepted that the CV should be within one page, while in Bulgaria it can be more, but this is valid for senior specialists and people in managerial positions.
  • Formatting - Find out if the company you are applying to has specific requirements - whether to be in PDF, DOX, PPTX, or another format.
  • Readability - The key is to make your resume easy to read. Choose a suitable font and structure the information in a way that the employer can immediately find the key things about your professional experience.
  • Brand identity - When preparing your CV, it is good to consider the colors of the company where you apply and use them in your design. This would make a good impression on the company and you will stand out among the others. But keep in mind that it may not be suitable for any place. For example, if the company is a more modernistic one, it can even expect you to show a resume in your own style.
  • The job role you are applying for - In case it is in the field of finance, the CV will be expected to be more formal. And the opposite if the position is "Graphic Designer”, then you can afford the CV itself to be more creative.

To create an outstanding CV you can help yourself by using some online tools as CV builders. We prepared some of them for you, check them out here.

Here are the main steps to follow when creating an impressive CV:

  • Match the description of your professional experience with the position you are applying for. - It is important to show your relevant experience and to be presented in such a way that it stands out when viewed.
  • Arrange your experience chronologically so that your most recent experience is at the top. - This will further help your key attempt to stand out even more.
  • Positioning your education. - Adjust it to the requirements of the company. If, for example, a bachelor's degree in Finance is required, then the position of this section should be on top. And of course, don't forget to mention if you have additional, but still up-to-date certificates in connection with the job role.
  • And foreign languages? - If you speak only your native one, you don’t need to add this category. However, if you know a few and at an excellent level, be sure to write them down. It is recommended to use the international language framework to indicate the language level (A1, A2, B1, etc.) instead of words or a progress bar.
  • Presenting your career goal. - It tells the employer what you want to achieve in your professional career. And it’s suitable for use by people who want to switch to another professional field or have little experience.
  • Describe your key skills and competencies. - It is crucial that they comply with the role you are applying for. For example, if it’s a "PHP developer" - use keywords and enter technologies such as "PHP, LAMP, Symfony / Laravel, HTML, CSS, and others". In this way, the core competencies will clearly stand out. However, there is no need to add such a section for skills such as "teamwork", "self-initiative" and the like as they will be tested during the interview. Be sure to read some useful guidelines on how to present yourself successfully during an interview or an important meeting.
  • Add personal info and contacts. - Write them down at the beginning of your CV so that they are easily accessible.

Get to know all the tips, given by the recruitment specialist - Nora Naidenova,  watching the entire webinar* here. *Keep in mind that the spoken language is Bulgarian.We wish you success in building your remarkable CV, which will win every employer. And, if you are currently looking for a job, take a look at our great opportunities or submit your CV to our site so the desired job can find you on its own!