5 ideas for office motivation on cold days


The worst thing about bad weather is that it immediately affects our mood, both personally and professionally. The thought of rain, snow, and cold makes us unhappy and tired. Therefore, when it is cloudy and gray, we start dreaming of a sunny beach or at least a hot fireplace.To stick to our work plans and stop dreaming about summer, today we have prepared a few ideas for you to deal with the lack of motivation on the cold days.

1. Do some extra work

Now is the best time to catch up with all those tasks for which you never have enough time. While the weather is cold your colleagues are not going to work at full speed and you will have more free time. Also start those projects that are in the "low priority" column. After completing these tasks, you will feel twice as satisfied with yourself. If you're in a leadership position, that's great because you're going to motivate your employees as well.

2. Organize your desk

Let's be honest it's normal for your desk to be in chaos from time to time no matter how coordinated and organized you are. What better time than a snowy day to bring some order in this anarchy. Clearing old documents, sticky notes, unnecessary cables, and other stationery will be so refreshing. It has been proven that after decluttering unnecessary stuff, people reach for unhealthy food less often. Don't you want to get rid of everything useless?

3. Play some music

A little music won't kill anyone. Besides the bad mood! If your work and colleagues allow it, play nice and quiet music from your laptop that you all like. This will brighten up the atmosphere and lift your spirits together. Of course, if you do not have such an opportunity and headphones are a good option. Just have fun while working.

4. Make yourself an unusual drink

Coffee and tea are great anytime, anywhere. And in the office, they take a big part of the daily routine. On a cold day, to lift your spirits, challenge yourself with a more unusual drink. This will certainly have a refreshing effect and give you a mood. Try a different taste, add milk you haven't tried before, use a different glass from your favorite. Surprise each other with a colleague and make different drinks. A slight variety will contribute to a different experience that will take you away from gloomy thoughts.

5. Look for a new job

Admit it - if you don’t feel satisfied or have reached the maximum of your position, it is normal to think about a new job. If you are afraid of change, think about the fact that you spend most of your time at work (at least 8 hours, and if you work from home even more). Don't be afraid and use your free time to update your CV. This is the first step to change.Then look for suitable job positions. In the "Find a job" section we have at least 30+ active job postings from all sectors. Take a look at them and if you find your "dream", just apply. Even if you're not sure you're ready for a change, at least try.If you need advice on how to create the perfect resume or how to behave during a job interview, read our latest articles on the topic: