Key statements from the webinar “Recruitment & Engagement vs. Safety” 2020

Simona Denkova

On the 25th of August, we held the webinar  “Recruitment & Engagement vs. Safety”. So here we would like to share with you some key statements given by the speakers. And some of the best practices & real cases on substantial topics in 2020, such as:

  • the balance between recruitment and employee engagement;
  • recruitment procedures and safety measures;
  • maintaining employee satisfaction;
  • remote working processes.

The speakers who participated in the webinar are:

  • Reni Dimitrova - Senior Country HR Advisor,  Cargotec Bulgaria
  • Clarence Simms - EMEA Site Director, Alorica Bulgaria
  • Ivaylo Bachvarov - Senior Human Resources Manager, BIC

Here is what they shared about the challenges they faced in this unprecedented time: In terms of measures being taken to ensure safety during the recruitment and onboarding processes, they stated:

“It’s always a very good balance of having a safe environment and having a friendly environment where they can work and they can spend most of the time.” - Ivaylo Bachvarov, BIC“We learned as we moved forward. One of the many good things is that Bulgaria is in the top 3 countries in the aspect of the internet. And most people were technologically-savvy.” - Clarence Simms, Alorica“We do all interviews online. So we tried to cater to the employee that’s coming on board. If they are using Zoom, we use Zoom…” - Clarence Simms, Alorica

Employee engagement has been a very difficult task to accomplish lately, so let’s see the ways our speakers managed to handle it:

“Flexibility and balance - this was the key to manage and implement the safety measures when, at the same time, we had to maintain the engagement level and of course, the services level.” - Reni Dimitrova, Cargotec“By giving choice to our employees, this way we also give them trust - it is something that is very much appreciated. The choice and the trust provided really build the idea that what you give, you receive in return.” - Reni Dimitrova, Cargotec“It’s extremely important that you are able to pay attention to the work-life balance that your employees have. And that you offer them something other than just sending them home and giving them a laptop, you have to offer them to still be part of the team.” - Clarence Simms, Alorica“If I have to share only one secret - it’s about people. The team leaders and managers because they are the thing which creates this connection, this atmosphere which we call a team.” - Ivaylo Bachvarov, BIC“It’s all about people - the ones who are doing onboarding, people who are providing information they might need even without knowing, people who make them feel welcome, safe, taken care of.” - Ivaylo Bachvarov, BIC

Remote working is something that everybody talks about these days. At some sectors it’s not even a new thing, for others - it’s just starting to develop. The BPO/ Outsourcing sector is gradually starting to embrace remote working even more after the lockdown.

“Candidates are looking for working remotely options because of the work-life balance, but also for productivity. So, in return it is a win-win situation - the employees win and the company wins also.” - Reni Dimitrova, Cargotec“I believe work from home will be part of our strategy going forward. It’s definitely an attractive thing, a humanistic thing and it’s going to be something absolutely essential.” - Clarence Simms, Alorica“Remote work is trendy now so for sure is here to stay, I believe. But I also believe that there will be back and forth. There will be many changes in the way companies are implementing and using remote work policy and approach. So, it will need some time to settle down and then the best and most efficient ways will stay and the rest will be history.” - Ivaylo Bachvarov, BICNow you want to watch the whole webinar, don’t you?  We’ve got you! Click here. We will keep organising webinars to discuss interesting topics within the different industries. Follow us on social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, to be the first to know what’s next.