HRS - one of the most desired employers by students in Bulgaria

Kamelia Dimitrova

Nowadays, all organizations face equal challenges when it comes to recruiting suitable candidates. That is why building a good employer brand is a must. That way, the top talents often connect themselves with the companies awarded as the best employers.

At HRS Bulgaria we work towards building a trusted employer brand among recruitment agencies. We invest a lot in making everyone feel in their place. We build a friendly working atmosphere, where everyone's participation is central. The leaders of the company are seen as mentors, from whom we learn successful practices because they have proven themselves over time with their experience and expertise. We strive to work equally well and have fun together, which is why many young people choose us as an employer when they take their first steps in their careers.

For several years in a row, HRS Bulgaria has entered the ranking of "top 50" of the most desirable employers in Bulgaria according to data from the Graduate Survey * for companies with less than 250 employees.

The survey shows that HRS Bulgaria is a leader among competitors in the sector and uses all communication channels to achieve higher recognition as an employer in its contact with students.

Most of the students know us from our social media networks, ads on the Internet with job positions, the company's website, where we constantly have over 100 active job postings from all work sectors, and more.

For 1 year HRS Bulgaria rose in the ranking with 40 places ahead. In 2020 we were in 52nd place, and now in 2021, we are in 10th place, which is remarkable progress. In 365 days, during a pandemic, we have been able to inspire confidence in students about career opportunities in the company and the good working conditions we offer. We believe that it is the personal attitude we have towards each employee that is the reason for the good evaluation. Of course, the benefits, the company culture, the company's reputation, the employer brand, the experience of interviewing candidates, and the skills for senior leadership are also part of the indicators for which young people in Bulgaria choose us.

Several times a year we have an open internship program in which we accept groups of graduates. We prepare an individual career plan and provide them with the opportunity to participate in all training in the company, with the support of a mentor throughout the period. In addition to the announced internship programs, we also lend a hand to students who are looking for us when they have a mandatory internship from universities. Another reason why they choose us as their first employer.

We are extremely happy that the young talents in Bulgaria acknowledge our company's development and progress.

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The Graduate Survey is conducted annually by ToTheTop Agency with the media partnership of The survey is independent, under an international license from Modern Management Consulting, UK, and aims to shorten the distance between employers and students by providing expanded individual information about the image of each company that has gathered enough respondents to be included in a statistically representative sample.