Success story: Software QA engineer

Success story: Software QA Engineer
1. Why did you choose the services of HRS Bulgaria?


А while ago an HRS employee helped me find a job, so I decided to trust your services again. The first time I was impressed by the professionalism of the employees and this definitely came about again in my second experience with HRS.


2. How did we help you? Describe the project we assisted you with.

HRS consultants help me with the ability to inspire my confidence the most. Maxim Atanasov made me believe in myself and my skills which was necessary for me to take confident steps towards my future career. I believe in this way, each candidate would feel more confident about the interview itself and is not inclined to make mistakes that would be fatal in terms of continuing the interview process.


3. Would you recommend our services to other friends and even companies? Why?

Yes, I would recommend and even now I do recommend HRS to family and friends. With 2 successful new hirings and only successful interviews so far, I think here we can talk about professionalism. Yes, it also depends on the candidate, but as I mentioned above, some people fail simply because of their anxiety. With HRS, you go to the interview with confidence, therefore you are less likely to make a mistake.